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Repair and Service

On-site, drop off, or we can pick it up!

Computers, like all things have parts that will wear out over time, as well as problems with spyware and other software issues that get in the way of you getting your work done. Our goal is to quickly repair any issues that you may have with minimal 'down' time. We will come on site if you would like, or we also offer pickup/drop off service and will diagnose your computer and notify you of the problem. We can order replacement parts if needed, and can do the install and configuration for you. Typical repair times for hardware issues are 1-2 days if we can find a replacement part locally, or 5-7 days if we need to have a part shipped in.

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For software troubleshooting, most problems can be fixed within 1-2 hours, and before continuing with any additional work we will notify you of the problem, and the solution that we suggest. We have over 20 years experience working in the Microsoft Windows environment from home computers to large networked environments.

If you need any help deciding on what type of computer or networking devices to purchase we are always available to help you find the right solution. After talking with you about what you would like to achieve with the new equipment, we can lay out a plan and even do all the ordering for you. We can always install and configure the equipment if you would like to get an hassle free experience. We also offer custom networking and system build solutions for home users and small businesses.

Repair Fees:

Have work done in home or picked up!
Hourly Rate for On-Site / In-Home Service $85*
Hourly Rate for work done in our office $55*
Hourly Rate Phone & Remote Support $40*
*Minimum charge of one hour. No Pickup fee or travel charges from Nevada.

Common Services Provided:

·Spyware and Virus Removal
·Physical System Clean (dust, etc)
·Operating system troubleshooting (all version of Windows, Linux, Mac)
·Performance evaluation, optimization, and upgrade as needed
·Printer troubleshooting / installation
·Data transfer
·CD/DVD drive replacment / install
·Memory installation
·Software installation
·New PC setup and configuration
·Hard drive Replacement / troubleshooting
·Hard drive imaging / copying
·Networking setup & configuration including network card, router, wireless setup, etc
·External hard drive setup and backup configuration
·Video card replacement
·Motherboard troubleshooting / replacement
·Power supply replacement / upgrade
·Device connect & configuration (ie. Mp3 player, digital/video camera, etc)