30 Day Hardware Warranty

This warranty covers all of physical hardware on computer towers, laptops, and monitors with the exeption of a few items listed below.

All equipment is thoroughly stress tested. In the event that the hardware is not functioning properly within the 30 days after sale, we will work with you to either fix the equipment or exchange with a like item, if available. If a like item is not available, a refund will be offered.

Replacement parts are covered for the remaining period of the original warranty, or for seven days after the replaced equipment is returned to the customer, whichever is longer.

This warranty covers normal use of equipment, and is void if the equipment is physically damaged, including but not limited to dropping, electrical or power surges, water or liquid damage, and damage by pets or children.

Service or parts not covered under this warranty will be billed at our regular rates. We assume no liability beyond replacing the failed part within the warranty period. This warranty does not cover loss of data or corruption of removable media. Please note: Before you bring the equipment to us, please back up any confidential, proprietary, or personal data as we are not responsible for lost or corrupted data or lost or corrupted removable media.

This warranty does not cover software or driver issues.

This warranty does not cover scratches or cracks in monitors or laptop screens.

This warranty does not cover batteries.

This warranty does not cover products for which we have received no payment.

How to obtain service under the warranty:
Please contact Mid-Iowa Computers with you original sales receipt/invoice. We cannot honor warranty service without the original proof of purchase. We will respond to you within three days to get a description of your issue to ensure it falls under this hardware warranty. If the item is covered under this warranty, we will repair or replace, and if a repair or replacement is not available, you will receive an offer for a refund at the purchase price. The decision to repair, replace, or refund is under the discretion of our certified technicians.

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