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New and Refurbished Computer Equipment

Buy new or save big on refurbished equipment!

Our goal is to find the right solution for your computing needs. Whether you are in the market for new or refurbished equipment, we can discuss your needs and design a solution that is right for you.

If you like, we can copy files from your old computer, install (and purchase if needed) any software, and set up the equipment in your home or office (at our standard hourly service rate).

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New Equipment

We work with a number of vendors to provide the right selection for you. We can help decide what is in line with your needs, give you a quote on multiple options, and then order the equpiment. Most equipment arrives within a week, and we call you as soon as it arrives. We sell complete computer systems or just the tower, monitors, laptops, printers, networking equipment (routers/switches, etc), servers, data storage (NAS), or pretty much any other computer equipment you might need.

Used & Refurbished Equipment

We keep on hand a selection of used and refurbished computer and networking equipment for lower cost then buying new. Equipment that we have refurbished has been thoroughly stress tested, cleaned, and reloaded to like-new condition. All refurbished computers come with valid and legal operating systems, and have been installed with the latest drivers and updates.

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All of our used and refurbished equipment comes with a 30 day hardware warranty.

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