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Computer Equipment Recycling

Go green and recycle your unwanted equipment responsibly!

Mid-Iowa Computers offers environmentally conscious and eco-friendly recycling solutions for both small home and large businesses. We recycle most equipment for a small fee. Why a fee? This ensures that we can recycle your equipment properly and helps us pay for the cost of PROPER handling and destruction.

Equipment can be picked up for free in Nevada area, and for a fee in surrounding areas within central Iowa. Click here to request a quote for pickup of your unused, broken, or unwanted computer equipment.

If you have any questions about fees, service areas, or to schedule a pickup, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at (515) 210-8536.

We offer discounts for bulk loads of equipemnt.

All data is destroyed in accordance with industry standards. The security of your confidential information is our top priority!

Items we accept for recycling. If your item is not listed, we may still accept it.
Contact us for more information about what we accept

Item Fee (per item)
Desktops $2 per item
Certified Physical Hard Drive Destruction $5 per drive
Misc Computer Components (harddrives, video cards, network cards, cd/dvd drives, sound cards, floppy drives, RAM, motherboards, processors) No Fee
Laptops $2 per item
LCD monitor (non-cracked screen) $2 per item
LCD monitor (cracked screen) $20 per monitor
CRT monitor (up to "19) $20
CRT monitor ("19 and larger) $40
Printer (inkjet, small office) $10 per item
Printer (large laser) $20 per item
Printer (floor standing) Cannot Accept
Networking Equipment (router, switches, modem, hub) No Fee
Scanners No Fee
Fax Machines No Fee
Computer cords and cables No Fee